What’s the Key to Developing Successful Customer Relationships?

Develop and Strengthen Your Customer Satisfaction Through Relationships

What is the best way to develop relationships?

By spending time with those you want relationships with. Find out what is important to them. Discover what their goals, needs, and desires are. Keeping in touch with those that are important to us.

We can use this basic relationship premise in the world of our business relationships as well.

Your customers are not buying your product or service…. they are buying the relationship with you.

Let’s use the example of health clubs. With health and fitness being so much more mainstream today than ever before, it is an absolute guarantee that customers want to be in an environment where they feel truly understood by those that are helping them.

Determine the goals of the goals of your customers. In the example of gyms, find out what is driving them to use you. Is it to reduce their blood pressure? To lose weight? To get in shape for summer? To increase their strength? By accurately understanding the reason why someone is using your services, then you can provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

Once you know what your customers is looking for, go out of your way to give it to them. In our health club example, provide them with the training necessary to achieve their goals. If their goal is to lose weight or reduce blood pressure, provide access to a nutritionist to make improvements in their diet combined with exercise. For those that are looking to increase fitness or increase strength, give them a training session to customize exercises tailored specifically for them.

Business relationships should continue long after the initial product or service has been purchased. We keep our personal relationships alive by seeing each other, calling and writing each other. Carry this through in your customer relationships. Ask your health club members how they are doing in the achievement of their goals. Determine if they need more or different services. Ask them what they like about your services and if they would like to see anything changed.

Keeping relationships open and honest will bring fulfillment in our personal lives, and profitable in our professional lives. By forming genuine relationships with your customers, they will feel valued by you and be willing to continue to spend their money with you over your competitors that don’t appreciate them.

By   Eric Parson