Don’t Play with Dead Snakes — Kill Projects Before They Kill You

Train your company not to play with Dead Snakes.

What’s a Dead Snake? Former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale famously called problematic ideas ‘snakes’ and warned against Dead Snakes in a speech at Harvard. But in the context I’m talking about here (and to build on his ideas), it’s a project or feature you’re building that’s going nowhere. It might have looked very much alive. There might have been significant interest from a customer. It might have played a central role in your last board meeting presentation. Continue reading “Don’t Play with Dead Snakes — Kill Projects Before They Kill You”

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.

Success always takes time, which is why the most successful people start early.

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people. We like to do things our way and are known for our almost obsessive attraction to habits. But, there’s a good reason for that. Habits help us achieve our goals, keep us motivated, eliminates wasted time, and improve our lives altogether. Continue reading “7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.”

Questions to Decide If You Need a Business Partner

You might actually need a loan or an attorney, not somebody to split your company with.  When you write as much as I do you get barraged with people who want to partner with you. Most are hucksters who see that you have a capability that they lack and see the sales potential for it, although they don’t have any customers per se. Others think I have money that I want to invest in a hair-brained scheme with someone I don’t know. These things happen so often that I am reminded of advice given to me many times over the years: don’t have a business partner. Continue reading “Questions to Decide If You Need a Business Partner”

Lies the World Tells Entrepreneurs About How to Succeed

It’s common knowledge that 90 percent of startups die. So what do the 10 percent have that the 90 percent don’t?

We are taught that succeeding as an entrepreneur is all about working ridiculously harder than anyone else and persisting beyond the challenges. Then, and only then, will you “make it.” That is a big bunch of hooey. Continue reading “Lies the World Tells Entrepreneurs About How to Succeed”

5 Great Reasons to Read Books Aloud

“Fuming, Harry descended the stairs to Snape’s dungeon… ”

Moments ago in my family’s car, the 10-year-old and 16-year-old were bickering about whether the 10-year-old sings with a fake Scottish accent. Now they sit silently as, in the front passenger seat, I read aloud from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I pause for a sip of water. Continue reading “5 Great Reasons to Read Books Aloud”

7 Reasons You Need Mental Strength to Be Successful

Becoming mentally strong will separate you from the pack and help you achieve higher levels of success.

Everyone possesses mental strength to some degree. But the stronger you are, the more likely you are to achieve bigger and better goals.

Here are seven reasons why you need mental strength to be successful:

1. Mental strength conquers self-doubt.
Whether your ambition is to run a marathon, or your goal is to double your revenue, you’ll likely experience self-doubt at one time or another. Questioning your goal—and your ability to achieve it—is a normal part of the attainment process. But when you’re mentally strong, you’ll be able to reframe your negative self-talk so you can continue working toward your goal with increased confidence. Continue reading “7 Reasons You Need Mental Strength to Be Successful”

The Brain Warrior’s Way

Ignite Your Energy and Focus; Attack Illness and Aging; Transform Pain into Purpose

“A warrior is someone who is committed to master oneself at all levels, who develops the courage to do the right thing for yourself, others, and community.” —The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine

The war for your health is won or lost between your ears, in the moment-by-moment decisions your brain makes every day. When your brain works right, your decisions are much more likely to be effective and add laserlike focus, energy and health to your life. When your brain is troubled, for whatever reason, you are much more likely to make bad decisions that steal your energy, focus, moods, memory, and health and lead to your early destruction and trouble in future generations. Continue reading “The Brain Warrior’s Way”

How to Keep Your Ego From Getting the Best of You

‘When we remove ego, we’re left with what’s real: rock-hard humility and confidence.’

Maybe you’re young and brimming with ambition. Maybe you’re young and struggling. Maybe you’ve already accomplished enough to last a lifetime. Maybe you’re stunned to find out how empty it is at the top. Maybe you’re charged with leading others through a crisis. Maybe you just got fired. Maybe you just hit rock bottom. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Ego From Getting the Best of You”

25 Books for Success

Read these, achieve more.

You might wonder why your favorite book didn’t make the list. Well, we could’ve filled the magazine with dozens more books. Our top 25 are by no stretch of the imagination the only books you should read. To the contrary, we know reading about and applying techniques and success strategies are the best ways to discover and stay focused on your life’s journey. Continue reading “25 Books for Success”

4 Characteristics of People Who Are Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is the secret sauce for performing at the top of your game. Here’s how to get it.

Want to be successful in life? Know this: It takes a special kind of fortitude and it’s what separates the elite from average performers. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t get going—they reach for a winning prescription called mental toughness.

What’s mental toughness all about? It’s been described as the “ability to work hard and respond resiliently to failure and adversity; the inner quality that enables individuals to work hard and stick to their long-term passions and goals.” Continue reading “4 Characteristics of People Who Are Mentally Tough”