How to Make a Fun (and Profitable) Podcast for You and 10 Million of Your Closest Friends

In January of 2016, Washington Post leadership editor Lillian Cunningham premiered the matter-of-factly titled podcast Presidential. The premise was simple and the expectations were humble: Every Sunday, up until Election Day, the hostess would post a profile of each of our nation’s 45 commander-in-chiefs in the order they were nominated.

It was a hit. An array of A-list commenters such as David McCullough and Bob Woodward, episode art featuring adorable president toy figurines and Cunningham’s signature “what would it be like to go on a blind date with President ____” query lead to 10 million hits and an Academy of Podcasters nomination for “Best News and Politics Podcast”.

How did this small idea score such massive success? Like most things, it started with a problem.

“In preparing for the upcoming election I tried to find a podcast on the U.S. presidents and found that there really wasn’t much out there,” said the 33-year-old writer. “So I decided to make one myself.”

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4 Tips to Leverage the Power of Instagram to Grow Your Email List

Social media provides a great way of discovering new customers and being discovered by them. The majority of your efforts on social media should lead to creating leads.

However, it’s a bit challenging with Instagram because the network is pretty self-enclosed. You get only one organic live link and it’s not easily tracked. However, there are still a lot of solid reasons to collect emails on Instagram.

Email lists have the best ROI, the strongest loyalty levels and it’s the one marketing channel you own. Social media platforms can change rules and algorithms, but you have full control of your emails. If visitors give you their email, they show a sign of trust and interest in your brand.

If they haven’t bought from you yet, they might in the future. They might be unsure about the value of your offering, they might not be at a purchasing stage yet, but they anticipate a need in your product.

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7 Reasons Social Influencers Aren’t Responding to You

Influencer marketing seems simple enough: You make a pitch to an influencer (someone with a large social following or significant influence in your industry). That person shares your content or mentions you to his or her followers. And, immediately, you get a surge of attention and interest.

Yes, this is how it’s supposed to go — but that’s the simplified version. Most newcomers to the field of influencer marketing end up getting ignored; no matter whom they choose or how carefully they word their messages, they never get a response.

So, what gives?

1. You aren’t targeting the right people.
One of the most common culprits is a simple targeting issue: You aren’t reaching out to the best influencers available to you. This could be because:

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4 Steps to an Unforgettable Social Media Strategy for B2B Companies

I’ve successfully used Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter to generate leads and sales for my digital marketing agency, The Media Captain. Social media has been one of the most instrumental marketing tools for my company’s growth. I’ve also deployed successful social media campaigns and strategies for hundreds of other B2B companies.

For those that say social media can’t be profitable in the B2B community community, my response to the naysayers is simple: You aren’t deploying the right strategy across the right channels with compelling content.

Social media is about storytelling and distribution. My job is to explain to everyone in the business to business community how simple generating business from social media can be.

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Don’t Believe Those Reports You’re Hearing About the Death of Social-Media Marketing

Is social media marketing really dead? That’s one question business owners, marketers and leaders are currently struggling to answer. According to recent reports, social media platforms are losing their momentum, with the likes of Snapchat losing subscribers and Twitter losing the conversation appeal. This, in turn, is affecting the impact social media marketing has on business.

In a study of B2B buyers, only 19 percent of those surveyed said that social media played an important role in their discovery process. This report, among others from industry influencers, has sparked a new concern about the future of social media in business. But don’t be alarmed.

In reality, social media isn’t dead. In fact, it’s not dying anytime soon. It is very much alive and remains an effective tool for marketing your products and services. This is why 78 percent of companies have dedicated entire teams to social media and others have reported more than a 700 percent increase in social media sales from their efforts on social media.

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Coca-Cola, Dell and PayPal Share Their Influencer Marketing Secrets

Every day, a story emerges about brands doing influencer marketing wrong. Often, the reason for these brands’ errors is inexperience with the marketing tactic. Big brands like PayPal, Dell and Coca-Cola have been in the influencer marketing space for over the past decade, and that depth of experience has created best practices for how not only big brands, but entrepreneurs and small businesses, can succeed in this fractured marketing landscape. As the Fyre Festival and other examples of #influencerfails make marketers cautious, these brands are continuing to grow their programs and to refine how to best succeed in the influencer space.

Start early.
The biggest tip that all the marketing experts interviewed shared was to start early with your program. Kate Hartman, the group director for global brand PR at Coca-Cola, ran the influencer program for the 2016 Rio Olympics. She and her team began hiring influencers 18 months before the campaign started and started reviewing potential fits for the program three months before that.

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What Social Media Influencers Worry About Most

From free merchandise to all-expense paid vacations — being a social media influencer sounds like a dream job. But how do you really make it as an influencer?

Influencer marketing firm Open Influence surveyed more than 400 influencers who have followings between 75,000 to 500,000 people to uncover surprising information about the social media world.

Unsurprisingly, if you want to find social media fame, turn to Instagram. A whopping 88 percent of participants reported that they were most active on that photo sharing network.

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What to Do Before, During and After Attending a Conference

How can I make the most of the time and money I’m investing in attending conferences?

I used to be the girl standing in a corner, my head buried in my phone instead of talking to attendees. Once I committed to introducing myself to at least three people—it didn’t count if they came to me first—I made valuable contacts and learned new things. That’s my best advice, and for more tips, I turned to six women who collectively have attended more than 500 events in the last 12 months. Continue reading “What to Do Before, During and After Attending a Conference”

5 Tips to Build a LinkedIn Profile That’ll Get You Noticed

Building and maintaining a standout LinkedIn profile isn’t optional. It’s not even highly recommended. It’s mandatory—if you want to stand out. Because 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to actively search for and contact potential employees.

“If you don’t have a presence on LinkedIn, you stand a strong chance of being overlooked,” says Rick Sass, a career coach and LinkedIn expert at Lee Hecht Harrison in Bellevue, Washington. Continue reading “5 Tips to Build a LinkedIn Profile That’ll Get You Noticed”

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast On Social Media

The secret to building an audience for your podcast is patience.

Podcasts have been slowly, but steadily increasing their listening audience. Since 2016 started, 21 percent of Americans 12 years or older have listened to a podcast during the past month. This comes from a research conducted by Edison Research. As a result, there has been a 5 percent increase of podcast listeners within the past year. Since then, many media companies and digital startups have been investing in podcasting. Continue reading “8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast On Social Media”