How to Keep Your Ego From Getting the Best of You

‘When we remove ego, we’re left with what’s real: rock-hard humility and confidence.’

Maybe you’re young and brimming with ambition. Maybe you’re young and struggling. Maybe you’ve already accomplished enough to last a lifetime. Maybe you’re stunned to find out how empty it is at the top. Maybe you’re charged with leading others through a crisis. Maybe you just got fired. Maybe you just hit rock bottom. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Ego From Getting the Best of You”

25 Books for Success

Read these, achieve more.

You might wonder why your favorite book didn’t make the list. Well, we could’ve filled the magazine with dozens more books. Our top 25 are by no stretch of the imagination the only books you should read. To the contrary, we know reading about and applying techniques and success strategies are the best ways to discover and stay focused on your life’s journey. Continue reading “25 Books for Success”

4 Characteristics of People Who Are Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is the secret sauce for performing at the top of your game. Here’s how to get it.

Want to be successful in life? Know this: It takes a special kind of fortitude and it’s what separates the elite from average performers. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t get going—they reach for a winning prescription called mental toughness.

What’s mental toughness all about? It’s been described as the “ability to work hard and respond resiliently to failure and adversity; the inner quality that enables individuals to work hard and stick to their long-term passions and goals.” Continue reading “4 Characteristics of People Who Are Mentally Tough”

3 Ways to Answer What Are Your Weaknesses?

Making it to the interview stage is a huge win during a job search. But what happens when they ask, “What are your weaknesses?” It’s a tough one—because not only is it hard to admit your faults, but you also don’t want to hurt your chances of getting hired.

Luckily it’s one of the most common interview questions, so, knowing that, you can prepare a rock-solid reply before you’re even asked. Continue reading “3 Ways to Answer What Are Your Weaknesses?”

What to Do Before, During and After Attending a Conference

How can I make the most of the time and money I’m investing in attending conferences?

I used to be the girl standing in a corner, my head buried in my phone instead of talking to attendees. Once I committed to introducing myself to at least three people—it didn’t count if they came to me first—I made valuable contacts and learned new things. That’s my best advice, and for more tips, I turned to six women who collectively have attended more than 500 events in the last 12 months. Continue reading “What to Do Before, During and After Attending a Conference”

5 Tips to Build a LinkedIn Profile That’ll Get You Noticed

Building and maintaining a standout LinkedIn profile isn’t optional. It’s not even highly recommended. It’s mandatory—if you want to stand out. Because 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to actively search for and contact potential employees.

“If you don’t have a presence on LinkedIn, you stand a strong chance of being overlooked,” says Rick Sass, a career coach and LinkedIn expert at Lee Hecht Harrison in Bellevue, Washington. Continue reading “5 Tips to Build a LinkedIn Profile That’ll Get You Noticed”

5 Things Your Future Mentor Will Love You For

It’s important to have someone you can confide in and learn from, to help guide you in your life, your career and everything that falls in between—and when it’s done right, that relationship can be critical to your growth and success.

Every mentorship is different, but they all have the potential to help you grow, improve and be successful at whatever you do or want to do. There are certain things you can do, as a mentee, to make sure your relationship with your mentor stays strong and beneficial, even during the busiest quarters. Continue reading “5 Things Your Future Mentor Will Love You For”

8 Ways to Slow Down and De-Stress Your Busy Life

Every. Single. Day. That’s what it feels like when you get slammed at work, have to pick up the kids, mow the lawn, get your car in the shop and go to your best friend’s birthday party because there’s always something to do and so little time.

I’m a busy guy like you, trying to make it till tomorrow with as much hair on my head as possible. While it may seem impossible to become less stressed, it’s totally possible. Continue reading “8 Ways to Slow Down and De-Stress Your Busy Life”

3 Common Credit Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Starting a business can come with a lot of unknowns and many business owners spend their first few months learning from their mistakes. But when it comes to building business credit, making a point to start on the right foot can save you lots of time and money in the long run. But since new business owners are entering uncharted territory when they launch their business they often don’t recognize the mistakes they are making until it’s too late. To save you the trouble, here are three big mistakes new business owners make when it comes to building business credit. Continue reading “3 Common Credit Mistakes New Business Owners Make”

4 Lessons Learned in Getting Bank Financing

Lending isn’t quite as tight as it was after the recent economic downturn, but it’s still a delicate process. Many small- and medium-sized businesses find it difficult to obtain bank financing because they don’t know how to navigate the process. But, if you’re persistent enough, however, raising the necessary capital is still possible. At Blank Label, we were offered over $500,000 in debt financing.

To help you secure the financing you need, we’re going to share the four important lessons we learned about getting bank financing. Continue reading “4 Lessons Learned in Getting Bank Financing”